Anthology of poems to mark 70 years of the NHS.

Poems by…. in approximately alphabetical order…

Margaret Adkins, Brian Archer, Trevor Alexander, Michael Brett, Sarah J Bryson, Carole Bromley, Patrick Barran,  Lizzie Ballagher, Julie Boitoult,  Anne Broadbent, Simon Currie, Tina Cole, Diana Cant, Deborah Cobbett, Jonathon Davidson, Sarah L Dixon, David Dodwell, Vicki Dodge, Liz Denial, Michelle Diaz,  Jill Eastland, Helen Fanshaw, Rebecca Gethin, Harry Gallagher, Raine Geoghegan, Tony Hargreaves, Mary Hubble, David Honeybell, Graham Jones, Linda Kurowski, John Ling, Allanah Milsom, Waseem Mira, Saiga Mina, Frank Newsum, Barbara Prater, Kauser Parveen, Terence Quinn, Marg Roberts, David Ramsden, Alun Robert, Christine Renshaw, Zan Simkin, Ella Frances Sanderson, Mohamed Saloo, Isbeal Tannahill,  Cathy Whittaker, Lily May Worsdall, Sarah Watkinson, Julia Webb, Jane Wilson, Simon Williams, Anne Weerakoon

The book launch is on 24th November 2018 at York Library at 2pm. Your invitations should arrive in the next few days if they have not already. If you would like to attend please let us know.





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